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Creative Services

The GBA Team offers their clients a combined total of over 200 years of product and service related experience. When it comes to the creative services, our “well of resources and experience” is indeed a deep one. Whatever the request, we, along with our partners, are confident in our ability to work in tandem with your own project manager to seamlessly produce specific elements of your event.
♦ Meeting Design & Creative
♦ Graphic Design/Specialized Printing
♦ Meeting Content Development
♦ Speech Writing & Coaching
♦ Premium Selection/Gift Amenities
♦ Speakers/ Celebrity Guests
♦ Audio Visual & Technical Management
♦ Video/Photography Services
♦ Strategic Marketing Solutions
♦ Reward and Recognition Programs
♦ Fulfillment and Merchandising
♦ Customized Training
Online Services
Hotel Management
Global Event Production
Creative Services
Transportation Services
Professional Staffing